Lewis Waite Farms

Lewis Waite New Items & Order Deadline

Order sheep and goat milk cheeses by Sunday 9/21 and all other products by Monday 9/22 for delivery on Thursday 9/25. Place your order here.

New products:

3-Corner Field Farm: is now offering a bleu cheese. This 100% raw sheep’s milk bleu has a crumbly, moist interior and a moderate bleu flavor.

Cowbella: Kefir is back! We had a special, and ran out of this delicious, pro-biotic drink made from cow’s milk. Available in maple, strawberry, vanilla and plain, try them all.
Lewis Waite Farm: received pork last week. It is going fast, but there is still some bacon available!

Mariaville Mushroom Men: try some Mushroom tea on these chilly fall nights. Enjoy the warmth of tea and the healthy benefits of mushrooms. Each tin contains a two supply of tea, to be taken as a health supplement. Check out what mushrooms can do for you here.

Manx Station Farm: has updated their listing with more inventory. Try the sandwich steaks; quick cooking and great for Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches or Stir-Fried with your favorite fall time veggies.

Teeny Tiny Spice Company: add a little spice to your meals. Teeny Tiny has a spice for everyone. These spices are full of certified organic ingredients and range in spiciness. ***I love their Perfection Spice Blend–it’s so good as a rub for slow-cooked meats. Their Shepherd’s Blend tastes lovely in this recipe for salmon cakes.

Specials – We are using the ‘specials’ category in the ‘Shop by Product’ part of our website to put different items on specials. Check there!

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