Lewis Waite Farms

Lewis Waite Deadline for 1/6 delivery

For delivery on Tuesday, January 6th, order raw milk cheese by 12/30 and everything else by Thursday 1/1.

Product Updates:

Argyllshire Lamb – never tried lamb before or grass-fed lamb? Take advantage of this special on lamb loin chops. These rich flavored grass-fed loin chops will melt in your mouth.

Hawthorne Valley Farm – try some of their lacto-fermented products. Currently on special are curry and ruby sauerkraut or try their hot pepper sauce to add a kick to your meals.

Mack Brin Farm – raises chickens on pasture without antibiotics, hormones or GMOs. Try their whole chickens or stock making parts. Also available is chicken liver on special this month. Try making some pate.

Strafford Organic Creamery – offers us 9 flavors of their certified organic ice creams. This is a good time of year to try it; since melting is less of a concern than in July.

Vermont Maple Granola – brought us some more of their maple sweetened granolas. Now available in 7 different flavors; be sure to try them all.

Yoder Farm – if you have been missing dried beans, they are back. We have a variety of heirloom beans now available from Yoder Farm. Ryan has also restocked us with their wonderful apple products – apple sauces specific to local orchards, vinegar and slow cooked, dark apple butter.

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