Last Call for Turkeys

Place your Lewis Waite order by November 14th for delivery on 11/20.

That’s only ONE WEEK away! Time to make your calls, check your guest list, and place your order!

We are happy to begin thawing your bird for you, just make a note when you place your order.

How much do I need? We recommend 1 lb. per person for the meal, but don’t forget to plan for turkey sandwiches, turkey tetrazzini, and turkey soup (usually 4-5 lbs)! Larger birds have a higher meat to bone ratio, so you may need slightly more per person if you order a small bird.

What other local products can I get? Our entire list of family farm and artisan products is available to help keep your holiday meal locally sourced. Putney Mountain Sparkling Ciders, lots of local cheeses, cranberry sauce, grains and beans for side dishes, bread, etc. After you’ve added your turkey to the shopping cart, you can keep shopping, or check out and return at a later date to EDIT your existing Turkey order. Check out our Thanksgiving Essentials for some excellent hors d’oeuvre ideas.

Here are your options:

Stonewood Farm, $4.59/lb – All Natural
Stonewood Farm specializes in premium quality turkeys with superior flavor and juiciness that can only be grown in Vermont. They grow their turkeys naturally; no antibiotics or growth hormones. Plenty of fresh Vermont air, cool nights, good feed and tender loving care on their family farm make for a wonderfully juicy turkey. They raise their turkeys for your family without any artificial ingredients inside large, open-sided barns. They are processed on the farm in their USDA facility without any preservatives.

Solstice Family Farm, $6.39/lb – Pasture Raised
Pasture Raised on a 280 acre farm in the Mohawk Valley. This is an Amish homestead farm, where the family and animals live in harmony with nature. Pasture Raised means the animals always have access to pasture grasses, and are raised without hormones or antibiotics. They raised enough they feel confident we can get the size bird you ordered. Processed locally by Garden of Spices Farm.

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