Lewis Waite Farms

How to Order Lewis Waite + Order Deadline

Curious about Lewis Waite but not sure where to start? They’ve posted a step-by-step tutorial here.

Order deadlines:
Cheese & Dairy Products: March 4, Midnight
Everything Else: March 6th, Midnight

“Everything Else” includes a ton of stuff, now including rabbit! That’s right, Mack Brin Farm has pastured rabbits for your culinary pleasure. There’s also a sale this month on Rye Flour, Maple Walnut Chèvre, Horseradish, and Washington County Beef!

When you’re browsing the offerings, here are some quick tips for making the most of your total Lewis Waite experience:

  • After you choose a category to browse, scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a drop down menu that says “page size.” Set this to 50 and you’ll see everything on one page.
  • To comparison shop between the various vendors, open up several tabs. Often, individual items (like ground beef, flank steak, chicken feet, etc) are the same price per pound, but it pays to comparison shop because sometimes you’ll find that one vendor has a better deal than another.
  • Think outside the meat! Lewis Waite does have an extensive selection of beef, chicken, duck, turkey, pork, and even rabbit! But there are plenty of offerings for herbivores, too, from grains and dried beans to yogurt and even lacto-fermented treats like sauerkraut and kimchi.
  • Bring a print out of your order with you to pick up. If you order only meat, it will be packed together in one bag with your name on it. If you order a variety of selections, the volunteer will have to sort through several different boxes to find everything you’ve ordered. While they will always do their best to make sure that you get all your food, it’s up to you to double check so that you’re not rushing to make it back before pick up closes–or having your food donated to the Sunnyside Community Services.

The quality of the food you can get from Lewis Waite Farms is top notch. Cows are grass-fed and grass-finished, pigs and chickens are pasture-raised and allowed to eat a natural diet, and all the vendors care about sustainability.

And if you’re eyeing that pork belly or those smoked ham hocks, but aren’t quite sure what you’ll do with them? I’ve been in love with Beyond Bacon. I’ve cooked a bunch of the recipes and none of them have disappointed.

Place your Lewis Waite order here for delivery on March 11th at Sunnyside Community Services.

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