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July 5th Pickup – Vegetables

Happy post July 4th everyone! Enjoy your veggies for this week. As usual, all need to be stored airtight in the fridge.

Pickups are at Sunnyside Community Services from 5-8pm. Here’s what’s in the box for July 5th:

Fennel –  If you’re not already hooked on fennel, this could be your year! Find a new recipe, and try it cooked for a more mild flavor. Use within 5 days.  

Zucchini – Always delicious simply prepared by steaming until tender and serving with butter and salt & pepper. Use within 5 days.

Cucumbers – A first harvest of this crop! Crispy, juicy and sweet. Use within 5 days.  

Red Kale – We are loving icy kale smoothies in this heat! Use within 5 days

Green Romaine Lettuce – Have you ever tried grilling lettuce?  This hearty Romaine is perfect for it. Use within 5 days.  

Radicchio – This is an Italian leaf chicory that is packed full of vitamins and nutrients.  It has a bitter and spicy taste, which mellows when it’s grilled or roasted. Use within 5 days.  

Red Beets – Cook up the greens like spinach.  The beet roots are great raw if you grate them finely. Store the roots and leaves separately. Use within 5 days.  

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