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In the Box; Week 10

Note from the farm:

The tomatoes are in! The plants are just starting to yield, so we can look forward to lots more tomatoes in the coming weeks. While it’s been a pretty dry summer, it has been recommended that we spray for late blight as a precaution. Preventative spraying is the only option we have to deal with this devastating disease using organic methods. We applied our first copper spray last week, so be sure to wash the tomatoes well.

The purple or red potatoes in the share are great in a potato salad– they look so pretty with some chopped parsley in a bowl!

Finally, if the quantity of peppers are overwhelming your fridge, try throwing them on the grill, or pull out the seeds, chop up, and freeze in ziplock bags to use in stir-fries and chili when winter rolls around.

Zucchini – 1 piece
Purple / Mountain Rose (Red) Potatoes – 1 quart
Cucumber – 1 piece
Yellow Onions – 2 pieces
Long Peppers – 2 pieces
Green Bell Peppers – 4 pieces
Garlic – 2 heads
Cherry Tomatoes or Blackberries – 1 pint or .5 pint
Green Beans – .4 lb bag

Herb Share

Garlic Share
Quantity TBD

Fruit Share from Briermere Farm
If you have any questions about the fruit, please contact Briermere Farm directly at
White Peaches – 1 bag **
UFO Peaches – 1 bag

**The white peaches are picked very ripe and bruise easily. Be sure to refrigerate and use immediately.

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