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In the Box–July 13

Did you love that fresh basil smell from last weeks’ box? Well, we’ve got more of it–plus some vegetables firsts for the season. As usual, the veggies for this week are best stored in an airtight plastic bag in the refrigerator.

If you’d like another place to find recipes for your weekly share, Golden Earthworm has a great Facebook page you can join. 

The veggie pickup for Thursday, July 13th will be at Sunnyside Community Services from 5-8pm.

Green Cabbage – This cabbage is great as a slaw, but can also be used stuffed, baked, in soups or salads. Use within 5 days.

Green & Red Batavian Lettuce – A nice summer lettuce, this variety is similar to Romaine, but a slightly softer texture. Use within a week.

Basil – This may be the last week for basil. If you feel like you have an overload, it can be frozen if you puree it with olive oil. Use within 3 days.

Carrots – So many uses and so tasty! It’s best to remove the tops before storing them in your fridge. Use within a week.

Cucumber – Another first week for this veggie, and a perfect summer addition to salads. Use within a week.

Cipollini Onions – These special onions, known as Little Italians, are super sweet and delicious caramelized. When to use: Within a week.

Please note that any boxes not picked up by 8pm will be donated to SCS, and items are subject to change.

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