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Aug 23rd Pickup: Veg, Fruit & Lewis Waite

It’s that time again–this week Lewis Waite will be there for pickup as well.

Pickups are at Sunnyside Community Services from 5-8pm.

To see complete info for vegetables in the box this week, check out Golden Earthworm’s weekly newsletter.

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – Also known as tomato candy they’re so sweet! Ready to eat when fully yellow! Storage on the counter, use now.

Red Tomatoes – The secret to a good tomato is letting it ripen (and not refrigerate). Storage on the counter, use when they are a deep red all over.

Kohlrabi – Crunchy and delicious in summer slaws and salads. Remember to peel and remove the skin. Storage in airtight storage in the refrigerator, use in 5 days.

Yellow Watermelon – First red, now yellow!  These are fragile, so please handle them carefully. Store in the fridge, use within 5 days.

Red Potatoes – There’s nothing better than freshly harvested potatoes–these are great in salads. Store in a cool (not cold), dark place, use within 2 weeks.

Mustard Mix – Remember these beautiful spicy greens from earlier in the season?  They’re back! Store in airtight storage in the refrigerator, use in 3 days.  

Please note that any boxes not picked up by 8pm will be donated to SCS, and items are subject to change. Look for Golden Earthworm Organic Farm CSA on Facebook for more recipes from members!

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