CSA Fundraising Update


As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been doing a lot of fundraising lately via raffles and bake sales—and you’re probably wondering what’s up. In an effort to stay transparent with everyone, here’s what’s up:

In order to offer subsidized summer and winter vegetable shares at half-cost, we need $5110 every year. $2192 comes from the farm in the form of free shares, and $675 comes from our admin fees, leaving us with $2243 to raise every year, in order to provide 15 families with this great deal. That’s where individual member donations and raffles come in.

So far, we’ve raised $1891 that way, including this past week’s Bake Sale (which brought in $150- a big THANK YOU to all our bakers!) We have a couple of more raffles before the season is over, such as our current pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkey raffle, so please help us reach our financial goal for the year by buying some tickets next week!

And if we happen to go over, that will mean being able to expand our subsidized share program to more families, and/or with more food plans. How would you like a subsidized Fruit Share? Or Fish Share? With enough funds, we can make it happen… and here’s where we have to send a big SPECIAL THANK YOU to Jay Radner and the Woodside-Sunnyside Runners, who raised $300 last week just by running! This money is earmarked for expanding our subsidy program in 2014, and will go 100% towards families in the area who want to eat well but can’t afford the high costs of organic food. If you’ve got a creative way to raise some bucks for subsidized food, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Your money couldn’t go to a more direct and useful cause.

Thanks, everyone. Happy eating!

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