Bus for U-Pick Strawberries Sun. June 10th!

Photo via: Golden Earthworm Organic Farm

Because interest in attending the U-Pick Strawberries event at Golden Earthworm Farm on Sunday June 10th was high, we have arranged for a bus to transport members to and from the farm!  The cost to ride the bus is $5 per adult CSA member, $10 per adult non-member, and children ride free (note, this is in addition to the cost to pick the strawberries, which is $4/quart).  We will be sharing the bus with members from the Astoria CSA.  The pickup will be at 9:00 am at the Pathmark on Northern Blvd, and the estimated arrival time back into Queens is 5 pm.

If you are definitely planning on attending the strawberry picking, please fill out the short form.

NOTE: Even if you already filled out the previous form expressing interest in attending the strawberry picking, we need you to fill out this new confirmation form. ***It is especially important to fill out the form if you plan on taking the bus!***

CLICK HERE to fill out the form

We hope you enjoy picking (and eating!) all of those delicious strawberries!

Questions? Feel free to Contact Us!

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