General Info

The Vegetable Share is the main product offered each season. Specialty shares may vary from season to season depending on what the farms and businesses are offering. All shares are available a la carte style–you are free to sign up for whatever share(s) you’d like during open enrollment periods. Shares are sold on a first come, first serve basis because of the limited number offered by the farm each season.

Pick-ups are Thursdays from 5-8pm at Sunnyside Community Services.

A summary of each share is listed below, or check out the Vegetable & Fruit Shares page, or the Special Products page to find more detailed info, or to check for current open sign-ups.

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Vegetables & Fruit

We host the first signup event of the year at the Open House in February at Sunnyside Community Services. This is for the main Summer + Fall season (25 weeks from June through November). Join our email newsletter to be the first to know about the sign-up time!

The remaining shares are sold at subsequent sign-up events on a first-come, first-serve basis (usually during February and March).

Special Products

We also have monthly Special Product shares available through the seasons. We currently offer fish, beer, kombucha, apple cider and soap. These shares are available to anybody, even if you don’t have a vegetable share.

Additional Local Products

We have year-round groceries via the Lewis Waite Farm Network. These items are ordered a la carte via the Lewis Waite website, and are delivered the same days as seasonal shares, typically every two weeks. They are available to anybody, even if you don’t have a seasonal share.

A Note From Sunnyside CSA

CSA’s are not for profit, and depend entirely on volunteers to function. We are always open to new suggestions and fresh blood in the core group. Don’t be afraid to say hello, we are all in this together.

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