Meet the Core Group

Ever wonder who runs the show here in Sunnyside? The core group consists of volunteer members who help facilitate and coordinate the operations of the CSA.

WE’RE CURRENTLY IN NEED OF NEW CORE MEMBERS! If you’d like to help keep the CSA gears turning, shoot us a message to find out more.

Volunteer Coordinator: Ensures all CSA members fulfill their volunteer obligations, that volunteer slots are filled each week, and sends weekly reminders. 

Site Coordinator: Coordinates CSA produce delivery and distributions in Sunnyside, working with volunteers to ensure distribution runs smoothly.

Andrea Fisher
Fundraising Coordinator: Plans and oversees all CSA fundraising activities, raffles, etc.
Day Job:
Other Interests:
Favorite Vegetable:

Devika Bholanauth 
Site Coordinator: Coordinates CSA produce delivery and distributions in Sunnyside, working with volunteers to ensure distribution runs smoothly.
Day Job: Home health aid
Other Interests: Investment insurance and acting
Favorite Vegetable: Eggplant and tomatoes
Quirk:  I am a gal of many hats. I enjoy meeting new people and making friends.  Love my life.

Treasurer: Manages accounts and funds for CSA; membership fees, farm payments and activities
Day Job: Environmental Science
Favorite Vegetable: Tomatoes
Other Interests: Writing, math, gardening, cooking & eating
Quirks: I don’t like strawberries

Emily Smith
Secretary & Outreach Coordinator: Schedules group meetings, maintains records and minutes, and updates website
Day Job: Copywriter
Other Interests: eating food, eating food, trying other people’s food, design and travel
Favorite Vegetable: Fennel! (thanks CSA for making me try it)
Quirk: It takes me way longer than it should to think of what to write for things like this.

Joan Tang
Core Group Coordinator: Oversees tasks, meetings, SCS contact and other helps facilitate member events.
Day Job: Stay at home parent
Other Interests: Karate, baking pies & eating
Favorite Vegetable: Sweet potato
Quirk: I like washing dishes

In-reach Coordinator: CSA emails, Facebook and other member communication
Day Job: Editor
Favorite Vegetable: I’m too indecisive to have a favorite. They’re all so good in different ways.
Other Interests: Making and enjoying music, comics & movies keeps me pretty busy.
Quirks: My first breath took place in Mexico, my first memory is from Canada, and my first school was in the U.S. of A.

Subsidy Program Coordinator: Organizes outreach, recruits applicants and implements application process for subsidized shares
Day Job: Menswear Designer
Favorite Vegetable: I love so many veggies it’s too hard to choose
Other Interests: Flamenco and composting

Victoria Costa
Events Coordinator: Plans and oversees all CSA events.
Day Job: Digital Producer
Other Interests: interactivity, anthropology, interdisciplinary creativity, the wide dissemination of important ideas, [urban] jungles, dirty hands, diving in the Carib Sea, geocaching, permaculture
Favorite Vegetable: bitter greens
Quirk:  I am one of those people who is “genetically predisposed” to process papaya’s taste as vomit, but I keep trying it (just in case)

Zuleika Tenf –
Special Products Coordinator: Coordinates all products outside of Golden Earthworm.
Day Job: Occupational Therapist
Other Interests: Travel and new experiences
Favorite Vegetable: Japanese sweet potato and arugula
Quirk: I’m part of a huge family…one of 54 first cousins

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