Winter Share Signups Are HERE!

The Winter Share signups are here, but listen up- they’re very different than last year, so please read carefully!

We’re excited to announce several winter shares for this season, to keep you eating well during the cold months. Even better, ourĀ  different partners have joined forces to deliver their food on the same pickup dates with Lewis Waite a la carte orders, making your winter eating as convenient and simple as possible. You can sign up before November 15th via this link, which also has all the details. But briefly, here’s what we’ve got:

Golden Earthworm Root Vegetable Share– this is our core share, but please note- due to member feedback, this year’s share is about half the size and better spread out throughout the winter. If you want as many veggies as last year, order 2 shares!

Frozen Vegetable Share– this is the same much-loved frozen share from Winter Sun Farms (now called Bridge Shares) who freeze local produce in the summer for you to eat in the winter. Great taste, and a great way to eat local off-season.

Beer Share– Are you as excited by this as I am? Queens’ very own Bridge & Tunnel brewery will be offering growlers to keep your spirits up all winter! 2 different beers each delivery, selected form their rotating stock of brews. A beer connoisseur’s dream!

Fish Share– Our friends at Lewis Waite are working with various local fish purveyors to bring you local great frozen fish for those cold winter months! Check out the signup form for a list of fish!


Soap Share– Last, but certainly not least, is the continuation of our soap share, made right here in Sunnyside! These are truly great smelling soaps that also happen to make great Holiday gifts!


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