News From the Farm

Some words from Golden Earthworm Farm to start off the season:

Welcome to our 2012 CSA program! We are thrilled that you’re joining us as we celebrate our 16th year of organic farming on Long Island. With a mild winter and a very busy spring behind us, we are excited to harvest our first week’s crops, bringing you some delicious greens (both cooking and salad greens) and strawberries! If you’ve been a member in the past, the first week’s box must look very familiar by now! These are the crops that grow well in the late spring, so they are almost always guaranteed to make an appearance in the first box of the season. Coming up in the next few weeks you can expect to see some carrots, beets, fennel, spinach, and other delicious early-season crops!

For more information and recipes, head over to the farm’s website at

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