Milk Shares! Flower Shares! Pickle Shares!

We are considering partnering with a new group that offers a dairy share (milk, yogurt, and more) as well as a flower share, and a pickle share! All of these shares have a base minimum we need to meet in order to join, so we need YOUR INPUT to know what to do. If there’s enough interest in any/all of these, we will forge ahead- but if we don’t get much of a response, we’ll have to pass on the offers, which is too bad, because I, for one, would LOVE a milk share.

To get your feedback, we’ve created a very short survey here:

If you’re interested in any of these shares, please fill out the survey and let us know what you’d want. This is open to anyone, even if you don’t have a vegetable share! Indicating interest does not mean you are committing yourself to paying for a share- we understand you probably want a little more details about what it is you’re getting before writing a check- but please only tell us you’re interested if you’re serious about getting a share. We need the results to be as accurate as possible before making a decision.


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I believe the milk will be in cardboard containers, not glass. I’ll double check that but milk in glass containers is generally more expensive.

The largest container for the milk is a half gallon but there’s no upper limit on how many containers you can have.

Heavy cream will be available via monthly a la carte orders, along with butter, ice cream and cheese, plus everything that is available weekly. If you don’t need half and half on a weekly basis, you can potentially order it monthly.

Dairy products will be delivered in collapsible coolers. After distribution the coolers will be broken down and returned to Milk Not Jails at the next delivery.

I’m trying to arrange for a speaker and a tasting from Milk Not Jails and will update if anything comes of it.

The pickles will consist of one 16 ounce jar of pickles per week. If you want to stop by the Lewis Waite pick-up on Tuesday, March 6, you can taste three varieties: simply dill; orange zest, pink peppercorns and chili pepper; and beets with ginger and allspice.

Other suggested products

There is no plan to do an egg share because you can order eggs a la carte from Lewis Waite Farm. If you click this link and scroll down, you can find information on how to order from Lewis Waite.

There seems to be some interest in soy milk and soy products, I’ll see what I can do to find a vendor.

I think the CSA offered beer and wine a few years ago and there wasn’t enough interest to keep them. If that changes, we’ll revisit the issue.

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