Find a 2012 CSA Share Partner

This page is for folks who are looking for a share partner in  2012. If you’ve got a share but need a partner, or have no share but want to split one, leave a comment with your contact info!

Please READ the previous posts before writing your own, and contact the person! Otherwise, everyone is posting and no one is responding.

To avoid getting spam, write your email out something like this:

bob – at –

You can also leave comments on out facebook page!

Good luck!

23 replies on “Find a 2012 CSA Share Partner”

Hi there! We’ve been CSA members for the past 3 years but need new partners! I can be reached at mueller.liza at

I’m looking to split a veggie share. I’m a returning member and am open to weekly splits or every other week. Drop me a line at hhaddon at

Looking to sell a half share to be split each week. A little bonus- I will be away 3 weeks in July so you will get full share plus my entire fruit share for free! Please email if interested: ann_fowler at Thank you.

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